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Welcome to The Grind Fitness

Hi, my name is Jairo Morales, personal trainer and owner of The Grind Fitness , a personal training company. My life has revolved around Fitness since I was 19 years old so over the last 18 years I have worked in every position possible in the fitness industry; from the guy that helps clean the club to the General Manager of the fitness club to even teaching for a personal training company(The National Council of Certified Personal Trainers) where I was actually educating the next generation of personal trainers that were starting in this career. But my passion has always been personal training because helping others reach and exceed their goals is the most rewarding position of them all.


The key to my success is the fact that I am always trying to learn as much as possible; if it’s about fitness, mostly likely I have read about it, and or practiced it. I can be quite a perfectionist at times, whether it’s writing an article, getting someone involved in fitness or educating someone on how to achieve their goals.


I started this company to ensure that the client was always the focus of our business. You the client, is my primary focus from the beginning to the end and everything in between. If you are local here in New York I am able to help you one on one but if not, that's ok, we have online options for you that can suit your needs because the success of your fitness is my primary goal and in order for you to succeed you will need as many tools as possible for you to get there and I will provide you with not only more tools that you need but the correct ones so that you get to your goal faster and easier than ever before.

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